About Us


Arya Wellness Centre is an initiative of Arya in the field of allied health services. The vision of Arya Wellness Centre is holistic wellness of people for enrichment of energy, health & fitness. The Centre facilitates the treatment of patients in OPD with facilities for medical tests & OPD interventions. The other services includes 24 hours pharmacy, home delivery of medicines, wellness products, surgical items & health related implants retail & distribution.

Super Specialty OPD Clinic

Our super specialty OPD clinic has some of the renowned doctors from the region along with facilities for laboratory tests (supported by Arya Hospital) and OPD interventions.

Wellness Products

Along with our primary products we also provide consumer products (wellness medicines), products related to mother & child demand and many more.


Arya Wellness Centre has a 24 hours pharmacyalong with the provision for home delivery of medicines.


  1. 24 hours Pharmacy

  2. Super-specialty OPD clinic

  3. Laboratory blood collection centre

  4. Home delivery of medicines

  5. Wellness Products

Be a part of the era of holistic Wellness